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Deer Farming & Agricultural Magazines

Australian Deer Farmer Magazine – Australia
Official magazine published by the Deer Industry Association of Australia.

AgResearch Now – New Zealand
Provides information on major decisions and inititatives in AgResearch as well as providing opinions on significant research issues.

Country Wide Magazine – New Zealand
New Zealand’s leading monthly farm management magazine, incorporating the former New Zealand Deer Farmer magazine.  Free digital subscription available.  Older issues available without subscription.

Deer Farmers Digest – Canada
Produced by the Deer & Elk Farmers Information Network.

Deer Industry News – New Zealand
Official magazine published by the Deer Industry New Zealand.

Envoy Magazine – Australia
Official AgForce Queensland magazine

Free Online Databases

Online databases allow you to search by topic for scholarly articles, publications, websites, research, profiles, statistics and more.  Listed here is a selection of free databases with content on deer and the deer industry.

ABARE: Australian Bureau of Agriculture & Resource Economics – Australia
Produced by the federal government, this is the primary source for Australian agricultural data. The site contains commodity forecasts, publications, company profile and employment information.

AANRO: Australian Agriculture & Natural Resources Online – Australia
AANRO provides bibliographic and research information on Australian agriculture and natural resource management.  It contains descriptions of research projects and publications covering forestry and agriculture. Publications include journals, government publications, newsletters, websites and current research.  Links to full text documents are provided where available.

Pub Med Central – International
PubMed Central is a free archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. Large and ALL full text
(includes Australian content).

School Projects

For more information on deer, go to any of these links:

Deer: Family Cervidae – ADF Magazine, March (Autumn) 2007

Deer Facts: White-Tailed Deer – ADF Magazine, November (Spring) 2012

Deer Facts: Chinese Water Deer – ADF Magazine, August (Winter) 2012

Deer Facts: Fallow Deer – ADF Magazine, May (Autumn) 2012

Deer Facts: Roe Deer – ADF Magazine, February (Summer) 2012

Deer Facts: Musk Deer – ADF Magazine, October (Spring) 2011


Encyclopedia Britannica

Australian Deer Association (deer hunters)

The Life of Farmed Deer – Emily McKinnon’s school project (29 February 2012)

Facts About Deer – Alina Bradford, (10/06/2015)

Deer Farming

Deer Farming in Australia Fact Sheet

Introduction to Deer Farming Handbook. (2003).  By Chris Tuckwell. Barton, ACT: RIRDC, pp.1-4
Information on Australian species, history and the deer farming industry

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